1 The Auction

Simply put, a better way to play fantasy football. Instead of everyone choosing the same players, you bid against your friends for De Bruyne, Kane, Lukaku and the rest in a pre-season auction – based on how much you're prepared to pay to secure those big name signings!

If you’re desperate for Kane, it's simply down to how much of your transfer budget you're prepared to pay. If a friend will pay £40m, but you'll pay £41m – he's yours, and yours alone for the season! Unless you decide to sell him to a rival manager at a later date, of course...

This way, when Kane scores, he scores for your team only. Throughout the season, you own the players in your team and get to celebrate their successes, and revel in the misses and woeful form of your friends' big-money signings!

2 How does the
auction work?

Two ways to play!

Get together with your friends and bid on players "FACE-TO-FACE" to create your team... To make #AuctionNight extra special we find a pub works well...

Picture it...
Dan: “Eden Hazard... £25 million”
Adam: “£26 million”
Dan: “£27 million”
Adam: “£35 million"
Chris: “£44 MILLION!”
“Going once... going twice... SOLD to Chris for £44 million!”

A different approach is needed for an online auction, as all bids are blind you don’t know who your friends are bidding on... or how much they are bidding!

You have a number of bidding rounds to build your team, so in round 1, you need to decide where to spend your £150 million budget.

You won’t win all the players you want, so you need to decide whether to go big on your main transfer targets, or whether to spread your budget around. Half the fun is trying to second guess your friends.

If you know that Tom really wants Sterling, do you go big and bid against him? Or set your sights elsewhere...

The best moment is when all bids are revealed and you find out who you’ve won...

Picture it... your round 1 bids have been processed... and you've landed your three big targets! Pogba for £25m! Mkhitaryan for £12m! Aguero for £43m!

3 Your Game,
Your Rules

Not only do you hold an auction, but you get to choose your own league rules:

  1. Choose transfer budgets
  2. Select squad size
  3. Decide formations
  4. Assign transfer rules
  5. Battle in league and cup competitions

4 Team Management
& Transfers

Select your starting 11. Bench the underperforming players. Wheel and deal with other managers in your league. Pick up free agents and release players who flop.

Fantasy League has everything you need to make the tactical decisions or transfers that can change the course of your team's season!

5 Which Package
to Choose?

You can dive straight in with a Premium package including medals, trophies and unlimited Custom Cups or get your friends started with the all new Starter package at just £10 per team.

There is a good reason why Fantasy League managers play year after year after year. Once you’ve experienced an auction night and season of the game you’ll see why for yourself.

Get Started

Sounds good? Of course it does! So what are you waiting for?
Get started now, invite your friends and tell them there is better
way they can play fantasy football this season!