Hang on a Mo...

By: Matt Sims 13th March 2019

Although Mohamed Salah was involved in all three of Liverpool's first three goals against Burnley on Sunday, none were allocated as assists by our third party live feed provider. However, as always, all goals are subject to manual review by the Fantasy League Assists Committee after all of the day's matches are completed.

Liverpool 1 Burnley 1
Goal: Roberto Firmino
Assist: Mohamed Salah

For the Liverpool equalizer, Salah worked the ball to the by-line before crossing the ball towards the six-yard box for the on-rushing Firmino.

Goalkeeper Tom Heaton got a slight touch on the ball before a further deflection off defender James Tarkowski presented the Brazilian striker with the simplest of chances.

However, as Salah's cross was heading to Firmino even prior to the defensive intervention (with goalkeeper parries alone still justifying an assist for the attacking player), the decision was to award Salah the assist for this goal - the deflection merely turned a two-yard tap-in to a one-yard tap-in.

Liverpool 2 Burnley 1
Goal: Sadio Mane
Assist: None

Salah was also heavily involved in the goal which gave Liverpool the lead, seizing on a loose ball from a block by Adam Lallana.

However, just as last season's top points scorer was about to pull the trigger, he was challenged by Burnley full-back Charlie Taylor, with the ball falling to the eventual goalscorer Mane.

Although most television angles were inconclusive as to whether it was Salah or Taylor who got the final touch, the footage from directly behind the goal showed clear daylight between Salah's foot at the point of contact between Taylor and the ball, indicating that it was the Clarets' player who got the final touch.

As a result, no assist was awarded for this goal.

Liverpool 3 Burnley 1
Goal: Sadio Mane
Assist: None

The third Liverpool goal came about in similar circumstances to the second, with again Salah and Taylor involved prior to Mane picking up the loose ball to score.

However, with Salah baring down on goal, this time Taylor's foot was between that of Salah and the ball at the point of contact, inferring that it couldn't possibly have been Salah who got the final touch.

So again, no assist was awarded for this goal.

Please note: Although the Assist Committee do not take the opinions of other feed/game providers into account when making assist decisions (after all, criteria determining assists are often different), neither Opta - the official feed provider for the Premier League - or Gracenote recorded a subsequent touch for Salah after Taylor had contacted the ball for both the second and third goals.


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